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Brian M

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Hometown: Greenville, WI
Year: Senior
Major: Chemistry w/ Business Emphasis
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What activities/organizations are you involved in? 
I have been involved with Blugold Marching Band, Campus Ambassadors, Corps of Excellence, Pre-Dental Club, Wisconsin United Residence Hall Association, Governors Hall Council, The Shamrock Shuffle 5k, the Leadership Living Learning Community, and also have been a Student Academic Apprentice.

What is something that you’ve discovered about UWEC that you didn’t know when you got here as a freshman?
Professors are not scary people. In fact, they are the coolest!  My best piece of advice is to get to know them from the start. They are invaluable resources, and they are here for you. They really care about students and offer support and guidance not only for classes, but also for life.

When thinking about our campus, what makes it feel like home?
Definitely the people. When I say people, I mean professors, advisors and other students…everyone!!!  It’s big enough to meet new people every day, but also small enough to see your friends at the same time. I don’t think it’s even possible to walk across campus and not see at least one person you can sit down with and have a cup of coffee. People genuinely care about you and your dreams, and are always excited to spend time with you.

What's been your favorite class so far?
American sign language I, II & III.  I've had Kristin Scheibe for all three classes and she is a phenomenal professor. She does so much for her students and loves getting people excited about sign language. She encourages us to build friendships inside and out of class to practice our skills to become fluent signers. My favorite memory would have to be going to Mogie’s Pub for dinner as a class to hang out and practice sign.

Finish the following sentence: YOU feel Blugold pride when…
I feel Blugold pride when winter or spring break are wrapping up and I get to come back to Eau Claire. I get in my car and say goodbye to my parents, letting them know “I will be home in a few hours.”  I don’t just go to school here, I live here. UWEC is my home.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.