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The Forum presents Carl Sagan, October 1991

Carl Sagan

A Forum address by the
world-famous astronomer
was the keynote of an
international conference
hosted by UW-Eau Claire's
department of physics and
astronomy. Comets and the
Origins and Evolution of LIfe
was the title of Sagan's
presentation October 1, 1991.

William J. Hale  11.3.42
Kirtley Mather  1945–46
William L. Laurence  1947–48
Kirtley Mather  4.8.49
William L. Laurence  |  The Truth About the Hydrogen Bomb  1.21.53
Ralph E. Lapp  |  Atomic Energy Today  2.22.56
Farrington Daniels  |  Utilization of Solar Energy  1956–57
Carl K. Seyfert  |  The Geophysical Year  2.10.58
William S. Laughlin  |  Advances in Human Genetics and the History of the Races
Verner Suomi  |  Meteorology and Satellites  2.25.60
Ralph E. Lapp  |  Science and Politics  10.17.62
Huston Smith  |  The Coming World Civilization  5.12.68
Allen Utke  |  Flying Saucers  12.12.68
Karlis Kaufmanis  |  University of Minnesota astronomer  1971–72
R. Buckminster Fuller  |  A Domeful of Ideas  1.30.74
George Gallup  |  The Impact of Polling on Your Life  9.20.76
Karlis Kaufmanis  1976–77
Frederik Pohl  |  Inventing the Future  1.31.77
Robert Greenler  |  Lights in the Sky and Color in the Clouds  9.30.77
Gerard K. O'Neill  |  The High Frontier  10.12.78
Arthur Porter  |  Ontario’s Electric Power System — Planning Concepts  5.7.80
Dian Fossey   |  Years With the Mountain Gorilla  3.25.81
Peter Jones  |  anthropologist  |  Olduvai Gorge Revisited: An Update of the
    Leakey Search for Oldest Man  2.1.81
Robert E. Yager  |  science educator  |  Project Synthesis and Math-Science
    Preparation  3.28.84
Angelo Atzei + Christopher P. McKay + Marcia Neugebauer  |
    Exploration Missions to Comets  9.30.91
Carl Sagan  |  Comets and the Origins and Evolution of Life  10.1.91
James Burke  |  Information: The Complexity Effect  10.21.93
Jane Goodall  |  The Chimpanzees of Gombe  11.11.94
Paul J. Thomas  |  UW-Eau Claire assistant professor of physics and astronomy  | 
    When Worlds Collide: The Impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter
Richard Dawkins  |  Universal Darwinism  3.6.98
Jora Young  |  The Ecology of Hope: Communities Collaborate for Sustainability
Clifford Stoll  |  Second Thoughts on the Information Highway  3.1.00
Anne Simon  |  The Real Science Behind 'The X-Files'  5.1.00
James Randi  |  The Search for the Chimera  5.1.01
Helen Caldicott  |  George W. Bush and the Threat of Nuclear War
Lynda Williams  |  Cosmic Cabaret  10.6.01
Robert Zubrin  |  The Case for Mars  3.5.02
Michio Kaku  |  The World in 2020: Computers, Robots, DNA, Energy and
    Environment  11.6.03
Peter Brown  |  paleoanthropologist  |  A Revolution in Evolution:
    Rewriting Evolutionary History  9.27.05
Robert Sapolsky  |  Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: Stress, Disease and Coping
Seth Shostak  |  When Will We Find the Aliens?  2.8.10
Natalie Jeremijenko  |  The Climate Crisis and the Crisis of Agency: What To Do
    in the Face of Uncertain Threats  3.18.10
Ann Gibbons  |  science writer  |  The Human Race: The Quest to Find Our
    Earliest Ancestors  12.1.10
V.S. Ramachandran  |  The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientists's Quest for
    What Makes Us Human  2.29.12
Michael Shermer  |  The Believing Brain  2.6.13