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Philosophy + Religion

The Forum presents Noam Chomsky, March 1989


Noam Chomsky

In preparation for the
Forum presentation by
the linguist, philosopher
and political activist,
the UW-Eau Claire
history department
presented The Chomsky
Seminar, a series of
four informal discussion
panels on Noam Chomsky's
philosophy and writings.
He addressed The Forum
March 14, 1989.

Sinclair Lewis + Lewis Browne  |  Is the Machine Age Wrecking Civilization?  11.17.43
Harry Overstreet  4.25.44
Kirtley Mather  1945–46
Mar Eshai Shimun  1946–47
Kirtley Mather  4.8.48
Irving Koslowe  |  rabbi + chaplain at Sing Sing  |  What Every Parent Should Know
Richard Armour  |  Laughing at Ourselves  1959–60
Cynthia Clark Wedel  |  church worker, educator and volunteer  1959–60
Hanns Lilje  |  The Christian Faith and Science  11.28.62
James A. Pike  |  The New Morality  2.25.68
Huston Smith  |  The Coming World Civilization  5.12.68
Jean Houston  |  The New Consciousness  4.19.69
C. Edward Crowther  |  Religion in the Age of Aquarius  1970–71
Sidney Goldstein  |  rabbi  1970–71 + 1971–72
James Whitmore  |  Will Rogers' U.S.A.  12.1.71
Philip Berrigan  9.10.73
Harvey Cox  |  The Seduction of the Spirit  9.20.73
R. Buckminster Fuller  |  A Domeful of Ideas  1.30.74
Leo F. Buscaglia  |  Love  9.20.74
David Stuart Briscoe  1975–76
John Wooden  |  The Pyramid of Success  9.12.75
Menahem Mansoor  |  professor and founder of the department of Hebrew and
    Semitic Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison  |  The Challenge of the
    Dead Sea Scrolls  11.15.75
Jess Lair  |  inspirational author  |  Ain't I a Wonder, and Ain't You a Wonder, Too
Walter J. Harrelson  11.12.76
Elizabeth Bettenhausen  |  educator, theologian, religious authority and author  1977–78
David Noel Freedman  1977–78
Kakichi Kadowaki  |  priest  1977–78
Leo F. Buscaglia  |  The Challenge of Being Fully Human  10.7.77
Thomas Molnar  1978–79
Samuel Sandmel  |  rabbi, theologian and scholar  |  on Jewish Christian relations
Daniel Berrigan + Saul Sorrin  |  with a screening of The Palestinian  11.9.78
Krister Stendahl  |  Behind the Testament: Church and Synagogue in the
    First Century  11.9.79
Blanche Jenson + Robert Jenson  |  Women and Men — A Better Way  5.3.80
Leo F. Buscaglia  |  Love: The Ultimate Affirmation  10.2.80
Roland Murphy  |  Prayer and Wisdom in Israel  11.14.80
Josh McDowell  |  The Great Resurrection: Hoax?  10.23.81
Walter Brueggemann  |  Creation Faith Among Exiles  11.6.81
Daniel C. Maguire  1.31.82
Andrew M. Greeley  |  The Cardinal Sins: The Human Side of Religion  11.1.82
Bernhard W. Anderson  |  The Core of the Tradition: A Story of Liberation  11.12.82
John R. Roach  |  The Role of the Church in Pursuit of Justice and Peace  1.30.83
Daniel C. Maguire  |  The New Peace Movement: Will It Last?  5.2.83
Hans Küng  |  Martin Luther as an Ecumenical Challenge  10.20.83
H. Gordon Harland  |  The Contemporary Relevance of Martin Luther  10.21.83
Sam Keen  |  The Passionate Life: Stages of Loving  10.25.83
Virginia Ramey Mollencott  |  Biblical Imagery of God as Female —
    And Why It Matters  11.18.83
John Meyendorff Catholicity and The Church  2.10.84
>  Robert Solomon  |  professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin
    Romantic Love: Myth and Metaphor  10.5.84
Robert Alter  |  A Literary Approach to the Bible  11.16.84
Roy Birchard  |  pastor and theologian  |  The Bible and Homosexuality  3.20.85
Matthew Weinstein  |  motivational expert  |  Comic Relief:
    The Healing Power of Laughter and Play  10.10.85
Raymond E. Brown  |  The Passion and Death of Jesus  11.8.85
Daniel C. Maguire + Marjorie Maguire  |  The Emerging Revolution of
    Consciousness: Male and Female  2.2.86
Bernadette J. Brooten  |  Women in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity 
Adela Yarbro Collins  |  Apocalypticism and Cultural Conflict  11.13.87
Philip Hughes  |  biblical scholar and teacher  |  The Epistle to the Hebrews and the
    Dead Sea Sect  11.11.86
Noam Chomsky  |  Necessary Illusions: The Manufacture of Consent
    in a Democracy  3.14.89
Ralph W. Klein  |  biblical scholar  |  Israel in Exile: When No One Answer
    Was Good Enough  11.10.89
Baxter Black  |  Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet: An Evening of
    Cowboy Philosophy  12.5.05
Bob Alper + Azhar Usman  |  One Muslim, One Jew, One Stage  10.16.06
Ingrid Mattson  |  The Story of the Qur'an: Its Relevance and Impact on Society
Jamie Tworkowski  |  An Evening with To Write Love on Her Arms  10.19.11
Michael Shermer  |  The Believing Brain  2.6.13
Carl Elliott  |  White Coat, Black Hat: Adventures on the Dark Side of Medicine