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Environment + Sustainability

Gaylord Nelson

Gaylord Nelson

Wisconsin Governor (1959–63)
and U.S. Senator (1963–81),
the founder of Earth Day
was presented by The Forum
in April 1990 and April 1999.

Louis Bromfield   3.15.44
Farrington Daniels  |  Utilization of Solar Energy  1956–57
Sigurd F. Olson  |  Farewell to Saganaga  11.28.62
Stewart Udall  |  1976: Agenda for Tomorrow  10.23.69
Ralph Nader  |  Corporate Responsibility and Consumer Protection  9.23.70
Anthony Moffett  1970–71
Paul Ehrlich  |  One Year After Earth Day  5.13.71
R. Buckminster Fuller  |  A Domeful of Ideas  1.30.74
Delbert Myren  |  World Hunger and the Green Revolution  11.12.74
Russell Peterson  |  Growth and the Quality of Life  11.24.74
Dennis Holloway  |  Ouroboros: Energy Conserving Urban Dwellings  1.30.75
Skip Laitner  |  Local Solutions to Energy Needs: What a Community
    Can Do for Itself  2.25.80
Arthur Porter  |  Ontario’s Electric Power System — Planning Concepts  5.7.80
Dian Fossey   |  Years With the Mountain Gorilla  3.25.81
Frances Moore Lappé  |  Lessons From a Hungry World  10.15.84
Steve Gunderson  | Changing Agricultural Policies: Implications for Farmers and
    the World Economy
Herman H. Felstehausen  |  Dire Times in Dairyland  10.13.86
Jean-Michel Cousteau  |  Rediscovery of the World  11.7.89
Gaylord Nelson  4.10.90
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  |  Our Environmental Destiny: The Future Whispers,
    The Present Shouts  2.3.94
Jora Young  |  The Ecology of Hope: Communities Collaborate for Sustainability
Jane Goodall  |  The Chimpanzees of Gombe  11.11.94
Gaylord Nelson  4.20.99
Helen Caldicott  |  George W. Bush and the Threat of Nuclear War
Michio Kaku  |  The World in 2020: Computers, Robots, DNA, Energy and
    Environment  11.6.03
Winona LaDuke  |  Environmental Justice from a Native Perspective  4.7.04
John Stauber  |  How Now, Mad Cow?  10.28.04
David Orr  |  The Global Predicament  4.19.07
James Howard Kunstler  |  The Long Emergency: The Converging
    Catastrophes of the 21st Century  4.17.08
Jeffrey M. Smith  |  Seeds of Deception: Genetically Modified Organisms and
    Your Health  10.13.08
John Perkins  |  Geopolitics, the Future and You: A Call to Action  12.8.08
Natalie Jeremijenko  |  The Climate Crisis and the Crisis of Agency: What To Do
    in the Face of Uncertain Threats  3.18.10
Maude Barlow  |  Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the
    Coming Battle for the Right to Water  10.5.10
Debra Rowe  |  Creating a Sustainable Future: Education, Actions and
    Resources for All  9.26.11
Will Allen  |  The Good Food Revolution  4.17.13
Mark Lynas  |  GMOs are Green: How an Environmentalist Changed
    His Mind on Biotechnology  4.8.15

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