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Performing + Visual Arts

Ruth Draper

Ruth Draper

The legendary monologist
presented a program of original
character sketches during the
first season of The Forum.
"The main point is that she is the
queen of the one-woman theatre,
partly by skill but chiefly because
of her personality and character,"
wrote critic Brooks Atkinson
of The New York Times.
"She is not astonishing you
with the brilliance of her talent.
She is modestly asking for your
interest in various characters,
most of whom represent her
respect for the human race."

Ruth Draper  1.20.43
Lillian Gish  |  Motion Pictures vs. the Stage  1.45
Marion Hargrove  1945–46
Margaret Bourke-White  |  on Korea  2.8.53
Jarmila Novotná  1956–57
Henry Hull  |  An Evening with Mark Twain  4.25.56
Virgilia Peterson  1957–58
Elsa Lanchester  |  with Ray Henderson at the piano  |  Elsa Lanchester — Herself
Dean Bryant Vollendorf  |  architect  |  Man the Machine  10.14.68
Tyrone Guthrie  |  Of What Use is a Serious Theatre?  3.17.69
James Whitmore  |  Will Rogers' U.S.A.  12.1.71
Boris Goldovsky  |  Bringing Opera to Life  10.25.72
Milwaukee Repertory Theater  |  School for Wives  1974–75
Victor Buono  |  Just We Three  1.28.75
Jean Ritchie  |  American Folk Music: A Concert  10.7.75
Guthrie Theater  |  Everyman  1974–75
Peter Bogdanovich  |  The Movies  2.9.77
National Theatre of the Deaf  |  Four Saints in Three Acts  3.1.77
Judith Crist Every Man His Own Critic  10.12.77
John Houseman  |  The Seven Theatres  1.28.80
Phil Lucas  |  Indian Images in the Media  12.3.81
William Windom  |  Thurber  4.26.82
At the Foot of the Mountain  |  Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down  9.11.82
Milwaukee Repertory Theater  |  Kingdom Come  10.28–29.83
Communication and Theater Arts Department  |  Voices  3.1–2.84
G.I Jones  |  Secret Societies and Their Impact on African Art in West Africa
Karma Ibsen-Riley  |  Nine Women  10.19.84
Toni Gillman Davis  |  Eleanor: A Celebration  11.1.84
Milwaukee Repertory Theater  |  Miss Lulu Bett  11.9–10.84
Gene Siskel  |  The Movies  11.11.86
Edmund Burke Feldman  |  art historian + educator  |  The Visual Arts and Survival 
Katharine T. Carter  |  painter + lecturer  |  Highlights of the New York Art Season
Beverly Sills  |  Go for the Brass Ring  11.12.90
The Capitol Steps  10.25.91
Roger Ebert  |  A Contemporary Look at American Film  9.24.92
Edward James Olmos  |  An Evening with Edward James Olmos  5.4.93
Dennis Barrie  |  Beyond Mapplethorpe: The Culture War Continues  3.16.94
Alfred Bader The Bible Through Dutch Eyes: Reflections on Rembrandt  9.22.94
Michael Moore  |  An Evening with Michael Moore  11.12.97
Penelope Cecchini  |  UW-Eau Claire professor of music  |  The Etudes of
    Frederic Chopin, Op. 25: An Intimate Encounter  4.24.98
Lynda Williams  |  Cosmic Cabaret  10.6.01
Jodi Cobb  |  photographer and photojournalist  |  Hidden Worlds  3.14.04
Louise Hogarth  |  documentary filmmaker  |  The Gift  9.27–28.04
Michael Uslan  |  From Fan to Filmmaker: The Journey to Bring Batman to the
    Silver Screen  3.8.09
John Noltner  |  A Peace of My Mind: Interviews + Photographs  4.1–5.12.13

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