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Tactaquin, Cathi  |  director of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
   >  Immigration and Race in the Global Era  3.3.09

Taft, Robert, Jr.
   >  A Challenge to the Republican Party  1.4.66

Terkel, Studs
   >  Voices of Laboring America  4.22.76

Theobald, Robert
   >  An Alternative Future for America  11.18.68

Thomas, Lisa  |  member of the English department at North High School, Eau Claire
  >  A Study of High Schools  10.5.84*

Thomas, Norman
   >  Problems — National and International  1.4.62

Thomas, Paul J.  |  UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff member
   >  When Worlds Collide: The Impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter 

Thompson, Dorothy
   >  A Return to Individual Responsibility  3.21.56

Tienken, Arthur
   >  1972–73*

Tobin, Richard L.   |  managing editor of The Saturday Review
   >  History in the Making: The Long View  4.5.67

Toeda, Yoshiaki
   >  Nationalism, Socialism and Capitalism — Confusion in Asia  10.28.69*

Tomlinson, Edward   |  radio commentator on Latin American affairs
   >  3.16.43
   >  1946–47
   >  10.16.56

Totenberg, Nina
   >  Covering the Courts: Cases, Convictions and Confirmations  1.28.93

Toynbee, Arnold
   >  An Historian Looks at the World Today  5.11.63

Treumann, Beverly  |  program assistant for human rights education for
Boston’s Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
   >  Central America: What the State Department Doesn’t Tell Us  4.19.83*

Trible, Phyllis  |  Biblical scholar and feminist
   >  Adam and Eve: A Love Story Gone Awry  4.27.79*

Trout, Nelson W.
   >  Facing the Challenge of Urban Unrest   11.5.67*

Truvillion, Jesse G.  |  civil rights leader
   >  Diversity: A Moral Mandate  2.27.89*
   >  The Civil Rights Movement: Dead or Alive?  1.21.91*

Tworkowski, Jamie
   >  An Evening with To Write Love on Her Arms  10.19.11

* Forum Special, an event sponsored by a UW-Eau Claire department,
  office or organization under the auspices of The Forum