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Rabin, Yitzhak
   >  on the situation in the Middle East  4.10.69

Ramachandran, V. S.
   > The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist's Quest for What Makes Us Human  2.29.12

Ramos-Horta, José
   >  Human Rights: Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Asia Pacific Region  4.7.99

Randi, James
   >  The Search for the Chimera  5.1.01

Reeves, Richard
   >  American Journey: Travelling with Tocqueville in Search of
       Democracy in America

Reiff, Theodore  |  chief of geriatric medicine at Tufts University
   >  Human Aging: Social and Ethical Implications  9.9.85

Reisberg, Barry  |  senior research psychiatrist and clinical director of New York University’s Geriatric Study and Treatment Program
   >  Alzheimer’s Disease: New Perspectives and Implications for
       Clinical Management  10.11.84*

Reynolds, Jack  |  NBC News foreign correspondent
   >  China: A Class by Itself  3.4.82

Richardson, Judy
   >  Eyes on the Prize: The Civil Rights Movement and
       Its Relevance to Modern America  2.24.03

Ridings, Dorothy S.  |  national president of the League of Women Voters
   >  Watching the Women’s Vote  3.6.84

Rifkin, Jeremy
   >  The American Revolution: A 200-Year Cover-Up  11.10.75*

Rimm, Sylvia
   >  Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids  11.17.93

Ripston, Ramona
   >  1973–74

Ritchie, Jean
   >  American Folk Music: A Concert  10.7.75

Roach, John R.
   >  The Role of the Church in Pursuit of Justice and Peace  1.30.83*

Roberson, Linda  |  attorney
   >  Women, Marriage and Money  9.14.83*

Robison, John Elder
   >  Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s  4.20.10

Romero, Anthony D.
   >  Leadership: Stand Up for What You Believe In No Matter What the Difficulty 

Romulo, Carlos P.
   >  America’s Stake in Asia  11.14.56
   >  The Portrait of a New Asia  3.19.63

Roodenko, Igal
   >  More Violence Equals Less Change  3.27.79*

Rowan, Carl
   >  Asia, As I See It  3.3.55

Rowe, Debra
   >  Creating a Sustainable Future: Education, Actions and Resources for All  9.26.11

Rukeyser, Muriel
   >  1946–47

Rusesabagina, Paul
   >  Hotel Rwanda: A Lesson Yet to Be Learned  9.27.05

Rushing, Josh
  >  What's Wrong with American News? And Why It's Your Fault!  11.30.11

Ryan, Joseph L.   |  former dean of al-Hikma University, Baghdad
   >  The Explosive Middle East and the United States Today   10.28.76*

* Forum Special, an event sponsored by a UW-Eau Claire department,
  office or organization under the auspices of The Forum