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Packard, Vance
   >  1958–59

Padilla, Ezequiel
   >  1947–48

Page, Alan
   >  Mentoring and Role Models: Two Things Students Cannot Live Without  12.3.14

Pallone, Dave  |  in debate with Morton Downey, Jr.
   >  The Gay Rights Debate  4.26.95

Parker, Star
   >  Breaking the Cycle of Poverty  2.28.07

Parsi, Trita
   >  Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Iran, Israel and the United States 

Paulucci, Jeno
   >  1975–76*

Pearson, Drew
   >  1958–59

Peck, M. Scott
   >  Growing Up Painfully: Spirituality and the Problem of Pain  4.5.91

Pelzer, Dave
   >  The Real Heroes  5.10.00

Perkins, John
   >  Geopolitics, the Future and You: A Call to Action  12.8.08

Peterson, Russell
   >  Growth and the Quality of Life  11.24.74

Peterson, Virgilia
   >  Does Literature Reflect the World We Live In?  1957–58

Petrovich, Michael B.  |  professor of Balkan and Russian history at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison
   >  Escape from Freedom  4.13.61

Petzoldt, Paul
   >  Wilderness Adventures  10.29.81*

Pieri, Jean  |  Saint Paul Pioneer Press photojournalist
   >  Trail of Tears: Hunger in Ethiopia and the Sudan  11.17.85*

Pike, James A.
   >  The New Morality  2.25.68

Pisani, Paul  |  superintendent of Osseo-Fairchild Public Schools
  >  A Study of High Schools  10.5.84*

Plimpton, George
   >  An Amateur Among the Pros  1.30.78

Pohl, Frederik
   >  Inventing the Future  1.31.77

Pond, Edward  |  UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff member
   >  Draft Symposium  2.27.80*

Porter, Arthur  |  chairman of the Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning
   >  Ontario’s Electric Power System — Planning Concepts  5.7.80*

Poussaint, Alvin F.
   >  Are the New Lifestyles Shortchanging the Children?  2.15.79
   >  The Psyche of a Racist Culture  4.25.89

Prag, Derek
   >  European Unity and Atlantic Partnership — Where From Here?  11.13.63

Prins, Nomi
  >  Reforming and Rebuilding our Nation's Economy  11.13.12

Proxmire, William
   >  My 30 Years in the Senate: McCarthy and Beyond  4.3.86*

Purcell, Mary  |  national president of the American Association of University Women
   >  Watching the Women’s Vote  3.6.84

* Forum Special, an event sponsored by a UW-Eau Claire department,
  office or organization under the auspices of The Forum