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Jackson, Jesse
   >  Operation Breadbasket  2.15.70

Jenson, Blanche  |  theologian
   >  Women and Men — A Better Way  5.3.80*

Jenson, Robert
   >  Women and Men — A Better Way  5.3.80*

Jeremijenko, Natalie
   >  The Climate Crisis and the Crisis of Agency  3.18.10

Jewell, Thomas  |  UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff member
   >  Humanity in the Shadow of the Bomb  9.27.83*

Jones, Ann
   >  Women Who Kill  4.23.81*

Jones, G.I.
   >  Secret Societies and Their Impact on African Art in West Africa  10.4.84*

Jones, Jenkin Lloyd  |  journalist and newspaper editor
   >  1970–71*

Jones, Peter  |  anthropologist
   >  Olduvai Gorge Revisited: An Update of the Leakey Search for Oldest Man  2.1.82*

Jordan, June
   >  Changing Up the Future of Women  10.20.98

Judd, Walter
   >  1944–45

* Forum Special, an event sponsored by a UW-Eau Claire department,
  office or organization under the auspices of The Forum

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