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48 Hour Video Project

Theme: The Anti-Hero

Registration Begins: Friday, October 13 | 7pm

Student Organizations and Leadership Center

Ends: Sunday, October 15 |  midnight

Films will screen on Thursday, October 26 | 6pm | Woodland Theater


Must be based on the theme
·'Themed' can be as loosely or strictly interpreted as participants choose
Video must be within 1-10 minute time limit (including credits if applicable)
Include the line (given on October 13) somewhere in dialogue
Include a prop (given on October 13) somewhere in the video
·Submit video to YouTube account (information given on October 13) by midnight on
 Sunday, October 15 (Please keep in mind uploading time)

All videos (regardless of eligibility for prizes) will be shown on Thursday, October 26 at 6pm in the Woodland Theater (328), located on the third floor of W.R. Davies Student Center. Awards ceremony and refreshments will follow.

Best Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Story
Best Costuming
Best Use of Line, Prop & Character Name
Best Cinematography

Best Use of Theme
Audience Favorite (voted at the screening)


The 48 DHour Video project is hosted by the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire's Activities Commission (UAC), specifically by the Films Committee.

The required line of dialogue and prop inclusion is to ensure submitted films are created within the 48 Hour period (no recycled footage from previous projects). Any videos or trailers submitted after the appropriate deadline will not be eligible for awards, but will still be shown at the official screening October 26.