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Our Partners

The Artists Series is funded by the students of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire through an allocation of student segregated fees by the Finance Commission of the Student Senate. According to Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5), students shall have the primary responsibility of recommending the allocation of student segregated fees. A portion of every student’s tuition is contributed to over 20 organized activities that include the Artists Series and other entities via allocation through the Finance Commission. 

The Artists Series is committed to the concept of non-discrimination as related to race, creed, sexual orientation, age and physical disability.


Student Members
    Ali Ciatti
    Sam Milewsky
    Patrick O'Leary
    Daniel Sailer
    Ellie Wheeler
    Brady Wincapaw
Community Members
   Thomas Barland
    open membership
    open membership
Faculty-Staff Members
   Julie Aminpour
   Jennifer Chapman
   Namji Kim
   Tulio Rondon
Ex-Officio Members
   Shu-Chuan Cheng
   Charles Farrell
   Mindy Merryfield
   Nicole Rindone
   Julie Sires
   Candy Wilson

Wisconsin Public Radio is a civic and cultural resource that enlightens and enriches the quality of life for the people within its listening area. WPR’s mission is to realize the Wisconsin Idea by producing, acquiring and delivering high quality audio programming that serves the public’s need to discuss ideas and opinions, and that provides cultural enrichment, intellectual stimulation, and intelligent, enlightening entertainment. In keeping with this mission, WPR provides a valuable in-kind contribution to all Artists Series programs and sometimes hosts or cosponsors specific events.

WHYS Radio (96.3 FM) is an independent, progressive, community radio station broadcasting music, culture, news and information programming for the Eau Claire area. WHYS provides space for the representation of progressive voices, issues, and perspectives largely ignored, misrepresented, marginalized, and denigrated by mainstream media, while seeking to foster values of human emancipation, substantive democracy, social and economic justice, global peace, ecological sustainability, and respect as well as appreciation for human and natural diversity. WHYS promotes local and regional music, cultural events, and issues affecting residents to help reclaim a sense of community. WHYS Radio provides valuable local advertising support to the Artists Series.