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Role of the President

Each student organization writes its own constitution and bylaws which should outline the basic role of each organization officer. It is solely up to the members of the organization to assign responsibilities to a specific officer. This publication reviews some possible position responsibilities. It is intended to assist you in constitution development and to help you answer the question, “Now I’ve been elected, what am I supposed to do?” Although a student organization’s constitution lists some specific position responsibilities, each officer should have the freedom to personalize his/her office. Individual interest areas and skills often dictate the amount of time an officer spends on a particular responsibility. However, a good officer never forgets what the basic responsibilities are.


  • Presides at all meetings of the organization
  • Calls special meetings of the organization
  • Schedules all practices, classes, and other activities of the organization
  • Obtains appropriate facilities for organization activities
  • Prepares and files any report required by UW-Eau Claire, Student Organizations and Leadership Center, and/or Student Senate
  • Appoints committee chair people
  • Completes officer roster, Blugold Organizations Bash sign-up
  • Keeps track of popcorn fundraiser date(s)
  • Collects organization’s mail from Student Organizations and Leadership Center on a regular basis
  • Attends student organization meetings
  • Represents organization at official functions
  • Maintains contact with organization faculty/staff advisor
  • Maintains contact with organization alumni
  • Maintains contact with affiliated UW-Eau Claire department
  • Maintains contact with national organization
  • Maintains contact with Student Organizations Complex
  • Maintains contact with Student Government Commission of Student Organizations
  • Remains fair and impartial during organization decision-making processes
  • Votes in cases where there is a tie
  • Coordinates organization elections


  • Faculty/staff advisor
  • Alumni members of the organization
  • Older members of the organization
  • Roberts Rules of Order
  • Organization constitution and bylaws
  • Organization historical records
  • Student Organizations Advisor


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