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Complex Thoughts


A good way to make sure that your organization is on the right track is to evaluate your organization. This should take place at least once a year (more frequently if problems occur). Good times to evaluate are before officer transition and during goal setting sessions. Here are some basic starting questions:

  • Are our members taking an active role in the organization?
  • Is there a positive climate among group members?

Ask more specific questions which relate to your organization. Be sure to answer these questions with specific examples.

Meeting Evaluation


Evaluating your meetings from time to time is also important. Here's a starting point:

  • Are our meetings run effectively?
  • What made this meeting productive and effective?
  • What made this meeting unproductive and ineffective?


Criteria 0 (low) to 10 (high) rating


  1. Members informed ahead of time
  2. Members fully prepared for their role and contribution
  3. Members committed to dealing with common issues
  4. Comfortable, uninterrupted, set-up room
  5. Meeting started on time
  6. Clear, well-presented agenda


  1. Agenda followed efficiently with flexibility
  2. Focused on one issue at a time
  3. All viewpoints of each issue fully considered before moving on
  4. Smooth dialogue occurred throughout the meeting
  5. Good pace maintained reflecting group momentum


  1. Members actively contributed to a balanced membership
  2. Members clearly presented their genuine ideas and feelings
  3. Members listened attentively to other ideas
  4. Members responded directly and constructively to others’ input
  5. Spontaneous combination of creative energy and thought stimulated full disclosure


  1. Spirit and emotional level of group was high
  2. Discussion dealt with issues and their solution, not personalities and their conflicts
  3. Individuals accepted others’ viewpoints without personal attack
  4. Members supported the leaders as they guided the group
  5. Disruptions and interruptions were smoothly disposed of


  1. Final judgment suspended until all input tapped
  2. A summary of the meeting’s goals was stated
  3. Discussion steered effectively to consensus and then stopped
  4. Action items clearly announced and documented
  5. Follow-up monitoring mechanism established
  6. Meeting ended on positive feeling and mutual understanding
  7. Leader was consistent with meeting agenda and flow from one speaker to another
  8. You felt the you gained something new from this meeting
  9. Your overall opinion of the meeting, in a positive view

Remember to also ask open-ended questions and answer with examples.

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