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U Lead

U Lead Leadership Conference

Sunday, March 8, 2015
10 am – 5 pm
Davies Center     


U Lead is a free program open to all students from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire looking to learn something new, network with others from campus, and work collaboratively to become more leadership-focused. This conference is designed and run by student leaders to help address problem areas, new techniques for leadership, and other topics that you care about.

This free conference features networking opportunities, a student keynote and several breakout sessions on various leadership topics. All students attending all conference sessions receive a certificate of achievement. Lunch and refreshments are provided during the conference.



U Lead comes from an increased demand in leadership-focused programming. It is a supplement to the fall conference, We Lead, since it has similar goals and is open to any UW-Eau Claire student interested in leadership development.


The 2014 Conference in Review


On Sunday, March 2, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire hosted the second U Lead Leadership Conference, welcoming over 100 student participants.

The free half-day program in Davies Center featured all student presenters. Topics included the power of listening, leadership and failure, challenges faced by leaders today, apologies and leadership, the importance of gaining differing perspectives, democratic leadership, public relations within leadership organizations and more.

The conference opened with a keynote address by Brady Krien, a UW-Eau Claire senior majoring in English and economics. Krien discussed the concept of leading yourself, living the dream and building a team.

In the evaluation survey, students were asked to comment on the overall experience and what they learned.

  • I loved the variety of the new ideas presented about leadership
    that I have not heard about before.
  • Gaining a wide variety of skills that I can apply to all my leadership roles.
  • Awesome event. I want to attend next year.
  • Why I do what I do — this conference was a great boost to my future.