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Hot Topics in Leadership

Hot Topics in Leadership

Tuesdays at 4:44 p.m.

Davies Center

Hot Topics in Leadership is a set of five on-campus seminars focused on different leadership areas. These interactive, hour-long seminars are designed to create critical thought and active awareness of current leadership topics to spark new ways of thinking and interacting with the world around us. Each week focuses on a different topic, and there is no registration for this series, so participants can choose to go to all of seminars, or just the ones that most interest them. Seminars begin at 4:44pm on Tuesdays in Davies Center.

June 24 - Council Oak Room

Inclusivity: How can we embrace diversity when working together?

This seminar will help students recognize their own biases, become more aware of the importance of individual stories, and contemplate actions of acceptance and exclusion. By the end of the seminar students will also be able to tie these concepts into their experiences and be able to help create a more accepting and inclusive campus

July 1 - Council Oak Room

Leadership in Crisis Situations/Apologies: How do leaders address crises? How do they address their errors?

Leaders, whether spontaneously determined or anticipated, play a huge role in the outcome of emergencies and catastrophes. How they handle the situation effects all involved and often their own reputation and effectiveness as a leader. The same can be said of how leaders address their mistakes and own up to their faults. This seminar will give participants a closer look at pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis leadership and explore the attributes of effective and ineffective apologies.

July 8 - Ho-Chunk

Problem-Solving and Innovation: What strategies can we use to be more effective trouble-shooters?

It can be really intimidating to face issues head-on, but having a game plan to identify and prioritize issues and then follow through with a solution can make it a much less stressful situation. Sometimes new methods or processes need to be implemented, but it can be hard to think these up out of the blue, much less getting others on board. Participants will leave this seminar equipped with enhanced problem-solving skills and tips on how to engage in effective innovation.

July 15 - Council Oak Room

Emotional Intelligence: Why is emotional intelligence important, and how can leaders apply it?

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the subset of social intelligence that involves skills in perceiving, understanding, and monitoring emotions and feelings of self and others. Professionals in most fields of work agree that it is important to try to improve emotional intelligence to be successful, but for what? And once we know what this means, how can these skills be appropriately used in personal and professional settings? Participants will have a better grasp on the answers to both of these by the end of the seminar.

July 22 Centennial Room

Creativity and Play: How can we use play to be more creative?

In a society where efficiency and production are so highly valued, it may be hard to see the perks of taking some time to just play. Believe it or not, many businesses utilize "play time" and more imaginative work practices to achieve a number of benefits. This seminar is designed to emphasize the importance of play, help participants embrace creativity in different areas of their life, and reenergize their inner child.


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