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Co-Curricular Transcripts

Co-Curricular Transcripts

What is a co-curricular transcript?

Students learn by being involved in the classroom and in learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Through involvement in co-curricular experiences, students gain vital leadership as well as transferable soft skills that can be applied to many areas outside of the college setting. The co-curricular transcript serves as a document that can be used to support student involvement and contributions made during college. It is also intended to complement the academic transcript by demonstrating the development of knowledge and skills sought after by employers and graduate schools.

Why should I have one?

The co-curricular transcript is an electronic document that can be used as a supplement to your resume when applying for internships, jobs, scholarships and awards, or graduate programs. The document can be emailed to yourself to be saved on your personal computer or to anyone else such as potential employers, individuals writing you a reference letter, or members of a selection committee. This document is a concise collection of information outlining your involvement, experiences, achievements and learning outcomes gained from these experiences that you can refer to at any time.

How do I create one?

All UW-Eau Claire students are able to create an account on OrgSync, which will allow you to create a co-curricular transcript. Once you become a member or leader of a recognized organization, those experiences automatically can be entered into your co-curricular transcript. You will find your co-curricular transcript within “e-Portfolio” under your profile selection menu. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page and select "e-Portfolio" from the listing.

Log into BluSync and start creating your co-curricular transcript now!