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Handbook for Student Organizations

Handbook for Student Organizations

Are you…
>  Trying to get an organization started?
>  Building your leadership skills as a new leader of an established organization?
>  Looking for suggestions to help your group function more effectively?
>  Getting ready to take on a major event, program or service project?
>  Looking for the resources available on the UW-Eau Claire campus for you
    and your organization?
>  Advising a student organization for the first time?

Look no further — this online handbook has been created to help you. This site is a resource to help students and advisors navigate the ins and outs of forming and maintaining a student organization, understand the roles and responsibilities of organizations, and learn about student organization policies, procedures and risk reduction. Staff advisors will find information about their roles and responsibilities, and suggestions for more successful advising.

Contact the staff in the Activities, Involvement and Leadership office or the Student Organizations and Leadership Center for more information.

Sara Thommesen

Student Organizations Coordinator
Davies Center 222B
phone 715-836-4020
fax 715-836-2521




Activities, Involvement and Leadership

The Activities, Involvement and Leadership office (Davies Center 222) of the University Centers is a resource and support service for student organizations. The Student Organizations Coordinator works specifically with student organizations to provide workshops, leadership development opportunities, and advice and guidance for organization members and advisors. The coordinator advises the Campus Affairs Commission of the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate, and also oversees the Student Organizations and Leadership Center and the Workshop (Davies Center 220). In addition to supporting student organizations, Activities, Involvement and Leadership administers programs including the Artists Series, The Forum, the UW-Eau Claire International Film Society and Summer Events, all funded through student segregated fees allocated by the Student Senate. Staff members also advise the Student Senate’s University Activities Commission and administer and program for the upper-campus club, The Lookout.

Student Organizations and Leadership Center

The Student Organizations and Leadership Center (Davies Center 220) provides services and a home base for more than 280 campus organizations. Students may learn more about the organizations they are interested in at the complex, which contains organization mailboxes, computer stations and workspace for all recognized student organizations. Seminars for student leaders and advisors are available; workshops and publications are designed to assist organizational development; and recognition programs are designed to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of individuals and organizations. The Student Organizations and Leadership Center also houses the Student Senate.

Campus Affairs Commission of the Student Senate

The Campus Affairs Commission of the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate (Davies Center 222) is the link from student government to student organizations. The commission meets regularly throughout the academic year and works with campus organizations during their founding by helping them draft constitutions and become active organizations. The commission is responsible for opening and maintaining the communication lines between Student Senate and all active student organizations.  
> E-mail the Campus Affairs Commission Director 


The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have granted the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire permission to reprint portions of their student organization handbooks within the context of this online handbook.