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Handbook for Student Organizations

The Mechanics of Producing a Program

Decide Before Beginning the Program

  • What do you want to accomplish through this program?
  • How can you develop it to reach the greatest number of people?
  • Can you create the correct environment for this program? List your possibilities, be creative!
  • What resources are available for your use (people, books, movies, etc.)?
  • Can your budget afford a possible loss from this program? How much?
  • Is this duplicating a program already on campus?

Create a Basic Budget

Confirm Plans

  • Finalize room and equipment reservations and setup needs.
  • Refer to procedures for excused absences, etc.
  • Write confirming letters, keep a copy for your files.
  • Organize your group’s efforts and coordinate each person’s responsibilities.

Plan Publicity

  • Prepare information for press releases and other publicity.
    >  See Communication Resources
  • Include the who–what–where–when–why–how much and any sponsorship information on all publicity.
  • On campus, try posters, leaflets, display banners, departments, classroom announcements or chalkboards, tabletents and public service announcements.
  • Work with the University News Bureau (for press contacts with area newspapers, radio and TV) or campus radio and television stations.

Attend the Program

  • Get there early, check all setups.
  • Meet performers or speaker.
  • Take care of last-minute details.
  • Introduce the event/persons and identify your group and sponsor.
  • Monitor break times, keep program on schedule.
  • Pay speaker or performer if prearranged (after event).

Evaluate the Program

  • How well did the event go?
  • Consider audience attendance.
  • Were program goals met?
  • Make recommendations for improvements.
  • File the evaluation for future use.


  • Notify the News Bureau and any other media source, the Event Services office, room and equipment suppliers and any others involved regarding check or requisitions for payment.