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Greek Life

Recruitment Counselors

Recruitment Counselors


Recruitment counselors are women that disaffiliate themselves from their own chapters for the recruitment process in order to help interested women.  They are unbiased supporters that are here for the potential new members throughout the entire process.  Women participating in formal sorority recruitment should feel free to ask these women anything, since their role is to help them find an answer. They are ready and willing to help and want any woman interested in joining a sorority to find the perfect fit for them.  Get to know the 2017 Recruitment Team below!

Don't forget to register for Sorority Recruitment! Every woman interested in attending Formal Recruitment is required to register, online, prior to the first round.


2017 Recruitment Team


Lauren Muhlenbruck
Panhellenic Recruitment Chair

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Northfield, MN
Major: Nursing
Why I Went Greek: I wanted that feeling of security as I transitioned from home to Eau Claire! I was nervous to start school and wanted my home away from home.
Fun Fact: I'm left-handed.
Favorite Food: French Fries
Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes


Nicole Jossart
Panhellenic President

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Major: Human Resource Management Major and Psychology Minor
Why I Went Greek: I wanted to make lasting friendships and wanted to serve the community.  Not only did I find these friendships and opportunities, but I also found a home away from home.
Fun Fact: I've been alpine skiing since I was three years old.
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Least Favorite Food: Asparagus


Katie Barber

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Hudson, WI
Major: Nursing
Why I Went Greek: I wanted to get involved and meet more people.
Fun Fact: I have a dog named Gracie Lou.
Favorite Food: Mac n' Cheese
Least favorite Food: Fish


Abby Jenkins

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Silver Lake, WI

Major: Marketing Analytics

Why I Went Greek: I wanted to find a place I belonged and make memories and friends that would last a lifetime.

Fun Fact: I am the oldest person in my family, but the shortest as well.

Favorite Food: Vegetable Fried Rice

Least favorite Food: Steak


Maddie Johnson

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Franklin, WI

Major: CSD

Why I Went Greek: To gain leadership opportunities, to network, and to make lasting friendships!

Fun Fact: I once cut a watermelon successfully with a plastic knife.

Favorite Food: Pasta

Least Favorite Food: Quinoa


Brynn Lemond

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Rosendale, WI

Major: English Major with Minor in Art History and Certificate in ASL

Why I Went Greek: I am very close to my family and wanted to find a home away from home here in Eau Claire.  I was excited and nervous about the college years ahead of me and I wanted a solid group of friends that I could consider my family.

Fun Fact: I come from a family of interesting names. My three brothers are North, Thatcher, and Trebeck.

Favorite Food: Any kind of dessert!

Least Favorite Food: Lima Beans


Emily Manthei

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Waterford, WI

Major: Environmental Geography

Why I Went Greek: To always have family around even when I'm four hours away from home.

Fun Fact: I love Johnny Cash

Favorite Food: Fudge Rounds

Least favorite Food: Ranch Dressing (unless it's from Chili's. idk why either)


Rachel Pieper

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Ellsworth, WI

Major: Nursing

Why I Went Greek: I wanted to have a community of people that I would be able to count on, hang out with, and that would have my back throughout college.

Fun Fact: I work at the library on campus and I spent six weeks in Europe this past summer.

Favorite Food: Pizza Rolls

Least Favorite Food: Coconut


Reva Rekowski

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Stevens Point, WI

Major: Psychology - Behavior Analysis

Why I Went Greek: I wanted to meet more people, which could lead to forever friends, and to have a home away from home. I also wanted to have more opportunities to get involved within campus and the community.
Fun Fact: My name came from my Mom's favorite TV show "Guiding Light". Reva was her favorite character!

Favorite Food: Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Vegetables


Noel Simon

Grade: Senior
Hometown: Oshkosh, WI
Major: Special Education
Why I Went Greek: I was looking for a home away from home after having a very hard time adjusting to college my freshman year. I wanted friends that I could go to for anything such as advice, friendship, food, adventure, and that would love me unconditionally for just being me. As well as to find more opportunities to become involved on campus and within the EC community. I have found this and so much more from being a part of Greek Life!
Fun Fact: My roommate runs a Twitter account about me called Bad Luck Noel
Favorite Food: Potatoes
Least Favorite Food: Bananas


Veronica Snell

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Hayward, WI
Major: Psychology with a Minor in Family Studies
Why I Went Greek: I wanted to get more involved on campus and to make true friends!
Fun Fact: I've been skydiving!
Favorite Food: Chicken Alfredo
Least Favorite Food: Seafood