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About Us

Our Philosophy

What is our philosophy on the co-curricular experience?
At UWEC, The Division of Student Affairs and the AIL Staff is committed to providing and supporting co-curricular activities and events that entertain, challenge, and promote the exchange of ideas and extend the learning experiences beyond the classroom. Co-curricular activities are available to complement our strong academic tradition in order to give students a well-rounded college experience. Both are keys to collegiate success and together, represent and uphold the integrity of the UWEC Mission Statement.

UW-Eau Claire Mission Statement
We foster in one another creativity, critical insight, empathy, and intellectual courage, the hallmarks of a transformative liberal education and the foundation for active citizenship and lifelong inquiry.

UW-Eau Claire Division of Student Affairs Mission
Support and challenge students as they engage in academic and personal growth.


  • Student centered service
  • Establish an inclusive community
  • Support student learning throughout the college experience
  • Development of strong citizens and leaders
  • Nurture our human resources and support work/life balance

The Division of Student Affairs will strive for excellence as it provides outstanding services and a dynamic student-centered learning environment that helps to bridge the classroom and out-of-classroom experience. Students will be encouraged to reach for their dreams, become people of purpose, to be ethical and to be individuals of integrity. Innovation, collaboration, compassion and encouragement will be visible signs of the division's commitment to student and staff success.