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About Us

Higherground Door Monitor

Opening Duties

  • Together with the floor manager, prepare door area.
  • Turn on Ink Board
  • Design the board for the night.
  • Check supplies and inform the manager on duty of requests for new supplies.

Operating Hours Duties

  • Stamp all patrons after the Floor Manager has taken their cover charge.
  • When the crowds are large, customers will a) try to slip past the Floor Manager and the Door Monitor without paying, and b) present their hand to the Door Monitor be stamped, without having actually paid the Floor Manager. The answer to this: the Door Monitor must keep an eye on approaching customers, to see that they have not bypassed the Floor Manager. When unsure, stop the customer and ask the Floor Manager: has this customer paid?
  • Check all re-entering customers for hand stamps.
    Watch out for customers trying to transfer a stamp from one person to another. Experience dictates when a stamp is unreasonably blurry. When in doubt, look for the mirror-reversal of letters which occurs when a stamp is transferred.
  • Check customers for prohibited items such as coats or open containers.Customers with coats should be directed to the coat checker. No open drink containers are allowed, not even glasses originally from inside Higherground.
  • Make sure that customers aren’t leaving with items belonging to the club.
  • Assist other staff with disruptive customers.

Closing Duties

  • Assist customers in leaving.
    At the end of the night, groups of customers will want to hang around in the club. The Door Monitor should help get these customers out the door as soon as possible.
  • Straighten out tables and chairs.
  • Assist others in their closing duties.
  • Clean up door area after the shift.
  • Move the black light into the coat check room, take the ink pad, stamp, and guest sheet back to the office.