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Marketing/Event Assistant


  • Assist on a wide range of duties relating to the planning of and preparations for Commencement ceremonies, Cabaret, the Viennese Ball, the Artists Series and The Forum, and on activities preceding, during, and following the actual production of the events.


Ten hours/week during the school year; five hours/week during the summer or as needed. Flexibility in schedule required. Marketing/Event Assistant will be expected to be available for supervisory duties during the events sponsored by this office.


  • Computer skills, including work processing, spreadsheets, and simple graphics.
  • Effective interpersonal skills in person and on the phone, including the ability to deal with students, faculty/staff, and community members on a comfortable basis.
  • Ability to think creatively and to work efficiently and independently.
  • Attention to detail in proofreading documents, preparing mailings, and working as a liaison with offices such as technical services, usher corps, etc.
  • Knowledge of music helpful but not essential.