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About Us

Higherground Floor Manager

Opening Duties

  • Get starting bank from office.
  • Get cash drawer and start cash register.
  • Log on to the Blugold system and reset the patron count.
  • Turn on the TVs.
  • Turn off floor lights when the DJ is ready.

Operating Hours Duties

  • Check patron IDs.
  • Take cover charge.
  • Check customers for coats and open containers.
  • Turn off the fire alarm downstairs if it is accidentally set of by a patron.
  • Cut off admittance if club capacity has been reached.
    Be prepared to deal with a long line, people pushing and crowding, etc. Also be prepared to explain the concept of club capacity repeatedly. If given a reasonable explanation, patrons will be much more cooperative when turned away.
  • Call the police if a situation demands it.
    Reasons for requesting police assistance include: handling fights, removing belligerent patrons, reporting drunk and disruptive patrons, and reporting furtive behavior.

Closing Time Duties

  • Coordinate exact closing time with DJ.
  • Turn on the lights at the end of the last song.
  • Count the closing cash drawer.
    The Floor Manager and the Dining Services manager must count the cash together.
  • Set aside the $30 starting cash from the cash in the drawer (small bills). This is to be put in the Higherground money bag and placed in the office.
  • The cash report sheet must be filled out and kept with the cash.
  • After the cash is counted and the report filled out, the Dining Services manager will lock the cash in the Dining Services safe.
  • Close down and clean the door area.
  • Confirm that the Door Monitor has placed the ink pad, stamp, and guest sheet in the office.
  • Prepare a nightly staff report.
    Ask the other staff members on duty if there is anything they would like reported.
    On equipment malfunctions in particular, a great deal of specificity is needed: What exactly is malfunctioning? What are the symptoms? Is the problem intermediate or continual?
  • Lock the building.
  • Lock outside doors with Allen wrench.
  • Lock downstairs doors and Higherground office door with interior key.
  • Be the last person, along with the manager on duty, to leave the building at the end of the night.