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About Us

Higherground Disc Jockey

Opening Duties

  • Prepare the booth:
    • Unlock the cabinets
    • Place removable cabinet doors out of the way (NOT in front of the amplifiers)
    • Set out main record crates
    • Turn equipment on in this order:
      • Sources: Turntables, CD players        
      • processor: mixing board
      • output: Amplifiers

Operating Hours Duties

  • Play a variety of music on regular nights.
    A good rule of thumb is to play AT LEAST ONE SET of music from the major genres: Popular Dance, Country, House, Alternative, and Hip- Hop.
    The DJ must always be willing to take requests, but generally should not sacrifice the floor for a request from one patron.
  • Possess enthusiasm when on duty.
    The DJ‘s level of enthusiasm sets the mood for the entire club. Put on a show!
  • Talk on the mic
    There is no substitute for DJ banter; it warms up the crowd and makes patrons feel welcome and involved.
  • Keep the music in alphabetical order.
    Try not to remove the record sleeve from the crate; remove the record only.

Closing Duties

  • Close down the booth
  • Turn equipment off in this order:
    • output: Amplifiers
    • processor: mixing board
    • Sources: Turntables, CD players
  • Put away the headphones.
  • Replace any stray records or CDs to their proper place in the stacks.
  • lock the cabinets
  • Remove all garbage from the booth!

General Information and Duties

  • DJ positions are given by tryout only. Tryouts are made through the manager or assistant manager.
  • DJs must be knowledgeable of all types of music played at Higherground. To be assigned specialty night, a DJ must have an extensive knowledge of that particular genre.
  • DJ’s must be willing and able to:
  • project clearly over the microphone and beat mix. If DJ does not know how to beat mix, then they must be willing to go through training with the manager or assistant manager to learn.
  • know all the equipment in the booth, know how to troubleshoot each piece of equipment, and know how to do simple repairs on each piece of equipment. Report major equipment problems to the floor manager and the manager on duty.
  • help managers with inventory when needed.
  • practice DJ skills on their own time, when Higherground is closed.
  • Assist the management team with music runs. Managers will rely on DJ’s to determine the best music selections for purchase.
  • lead games and contests on certain specialty nights.
  • work special hours to accommodate Higherground reservation requests. Occasionally, a campus group will reserve Higherground for a group dance or social function. DJ’s must be willing to work these special events when they arise.
  • perform DJ duties with enthusiasm and spirit along with any other duties assigned to you by the Higherground manager or the faculty supervisor.