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About Us

Higherground Coat Check

Operating Hours Duties

  • Enforce the club’s mandatory coat check policy.
  • Take customers coats and small bags and give them their appropriate number.
  • Keep the coat check area clean and orderly.
  • Assist other staff when necessary.
  • Check coats for alcohol containers and report problems to the floor manager or the manager on duty.

Closing Duties

  • Retrieve customers’ coats.
    There will be a rush at the end of the night. It is vital that the coat checker be at his or her position for the last songs!
  • Clean and organize the coat check area at the end of the night.
    Over the course of the night, a few hangers will have become out of place. Rearrange any hangers that are out of order.
  • Assist other staff with closing duties.
  • Report forgotten coats to the floor manager.