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Arts + Events Assistant


Coordinator of Student Activities, Coordinator of Student Leadership


The Arts and Events Assistant assists the Coordinator of Student Activities and Coordinator of Student Leadership in planning, marketing and day-of-event tasks for the Artists Series and The Forum series.



  1. Assist in contacting agents for performers and speakers, as well as individuals
    on campus in relation to the event.

  2. Assist in day of event tasks, attend event, and help in clean up after the event.

  3. In addition to working with the Artists Series and Forum, help with tasks for the University Activities Commission of the Student Senate and the Student Leadership program as they arise.

  4. Assist in the marketing process including distribution of poster on and off campus.

  5. Assist in the revision of previous materials and the revision of new documents.

  6. Help in organization of materials.

  7. Other duties as assigned.



  • Enrollment as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is required.  

  • Strong attention to detail, organization, oral and written communication skills, and ability to set priorities is necessary. 

  • Able to work independently, as well as in teams. 

  • Strong interpersonal skills are desirable.

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office and the ability to develop other computer skills as needed.  

  • Interest in program and event planning is desired, but not necessary. 


Student will work approximately 10 hours a week. Additional hours will be required on the day of events and may be required during the week leading up the event. 


$8.00 per hour