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Academic Staff


Academic Staff Personnel Committee:

Membership: The committee includes nine members: four academic staff senators, one of whom must be Instructional Academic Staff, elected by the academic staff members of the University Senate; four academic staff, one of whom must be Instructional Academic Staff, elected by the academic staff at large; and the Academic Staff Representative to the UW System Academic Staff Council. During a year when an academic staff member of the Senate has been elected to serve as Academic Staff Representative-elect, the person becomes an ex officio (and voting) member of the committee, increasing the number of members on the committee to ten. Three seats must be held by instructional academic staff members and six seats must be held by administrative or professional academic staff members. One administrator selected by the Chancellor serves the committee as an ex officio, non-voting member. Members shall serve three-year terms.

Functions: The Academic Staff Personnel Committee shall consider and recommend policies affecting the Academic Staff in regard to status, salary, indefinite appointment, promotion, and working conditions. It shall also consider and recommend the practices and procedures for implementing those policies and serve as the primary agent for recommending revisions and amendments of the UW-Eau Claire Academic Staff Personnel Rules.

Academic Staff Representative:

The Academic Staff Representative serves as chair of the Academic Staff Personnel Committee and represents the academic staff at UWS meetings of the Academic Staff Representatives and at other appropriate meetings where concerns of the academic staff are discussed. The Academic Staff Representative is responsible for reporting actions and information relevant to academic staff to the University Senate and to the Academic Staff Personnel Committee. UW-Eau Claire's Academic Staff Representative is Katie Wilson,