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Academic Staff


UW-Eau Claire Excellence in Performance Award for Administrative and Professional Academic Staff:

The Excellence in Performance Award is given annually to a member of the administrative and professional academic staff who, in the opinion of their colleagues, excel in the areas of performance and service. Excellence in performance is the primary criterion for the award, but evidence of outstanding service to the University beyond the scope of university employment enhances a nomination. Any full-time member of the administrative and professional academic staff is eligible to be nominated for the award; and any member of the academic staff, faculty, administration, or student body may make a nomination.

All nominations are solicited and received by the Academic Staff Awards Committee which is appointed by the Chancellor from recommendations by the Academic Staff Nominating Committee. Any full-time member of the non-instructional academic staff may serve on the Awards Committee. The Committee evaluates the nominations for each award and forwards its selections to the Chancellor.

The first Excellence in Performance Award was awarded in 1987. The Foundation currently provides $1,500 for the award recipient. 

UW-Eau Claire Excellence in Teaching Award:

The Excellence in Teaching Award is given annually to a member of the faculty or instructional academic staff who, in the opinion of alumni, have stimulated students to high standards of scholarship, both in and out of the classroom, and have inspired active interest in learning and in self-improvement. Faculty and instructional academic staff are eligible if their teaching FTE (as listed on position control) is 50 percent teaching or more and they have been employed at the University for at least one year prior to the year during which the balloting is being done. Faculty/staff who have received the award within the immediate ten-year period are ineligible.

Alumni from the most recent graduating class do not receive ballots. Those from the next three most recent graduating classes are eligible to vote. They indicate first, second, and third choices selected from the list of eligible faculty and teaching academic staff.

Currently, the Foundation provides a $1,500 award for the recipient.