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University Research and Creative Activity Council

Membership 2015-2016
  • Winnifred Bryant (2017), Biology
  • Allyson Loomis (2017), English
  • John Mann (2016), History
  • Rodd Freitag (2016), Political Science
  • Todd Stephens (2016), Special Education
  • Jack Bushnell (2018), English
  • Ling Liu (2018), Accounting and Finance
  • Cheryl Lapp (2018), Nursing
  • Karen Havholm, Chair, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ex officio and voting)


  1. To review research proposals.
  2. To make funding recommendations to the Provost and Vice Chancellor.


  1. Eight faculty and/or teaching academic staff representing the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Human Sciences, and Nursing and Health Sciences.
  2. Ex-officio and voting: Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs
  3. Ex officio and nonvoting: Director of Grants and Contracts.

Chair: Designated by the Provost and Vice Chancellor.
Term: Three years, rotating.