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UW-Eau Claire Representatives to UW System-wide or State Committees

Academic Advisory Group on Credit Transfer
Tessa Perchinsky, Registrar

Council of Chief Information Officers
Chip Eckardt, Learning & Technology Services

Council of University of Wisconsin Libraries
John Pollitz, Library

Educational Media Technology Council
Learning & Technology Services

Information Technology Management Council
Craig Mey, Learning & Technology Services

Learning Technology Development Council
April Pierson, Learning & Technology Services

Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID) Council

Angela Stombaugh, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Administrative Representative

Pre-College Data Liaison
Andrew Nelson, Institutional Research

President's Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
Renee Strehlau, Facilities Planner

Special Committee on Labor Shortage, Wisconsin's Legislative Council
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

UW-System Committee on Veterans Issues
Bonnie Isaacson, Nontraditional Student Adviser

UW-System Council on International Education
Colleen Marchwick, Director of International Education

UW-System Digital Collections Advisory Committee
James Oberly, Department of History

UW-System Test Development Committees
Alan Benson, English, English Test Development Committee
Martina Lindseth, Languages, German Test Development Committee
Alex Smith, Mathematics, Math Test Development Committee
Manuel Fernandez, Languages, Spanish Test Development Committee

West Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board & Work-Based University Consortium/PK-16 Council
Durwin Long, Director of Continuing Education