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Advisory Committee on Non-Traditional Students

Membership 2014-2015

  1. Student Senate Representatives: Matthew Riedel
  2. Children's Center Director: Courtenay O'Neil
  3. Non-Traditional Student Advisor: Bonnie Isaacson
  4. Non-Traditional Student Representatives (1 from each College):
    Michael Gehrke – College of Arts and Sciences
    Sara Starck and Wade Schenck – College of Business
    Sheila Frank – College of Education and Human Sciences
    Nicole Lauffer – College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  5. One faculty: Charles Bingen (2016), Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
  6. One administrator: Katie Strope (2015), Student Services Program Manager, Office of Admissions
  7. One representative from Advising and New Student Initiatives: Signe Matson (2015), Academic Advisor
  8. Director of Continuing Education: Durwin Long


  1. To address concerns of non-traditional students and make recommendations as needed to UW-Eau Claire administrators, University Senate, and Student Senate.
  2. To review the scheduling of courses and make recommendations to the Provost and Vice Chancellor about the availability of courses for non-traditional students.

Chair: Elected
Term: Three years, rotating