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University Assessment Committee

Membership 2014-2015

  • Jennifer Fager - Director of Assessment, Chair 
  • Stephen M. Hill (2015) - Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Kim Pierson (2017) - Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Shelley-Rae Pehler (2015) - Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
  • Cheryl Brandt (2017) - Associate Professor, Department of Nursing
  • Jill Prushiek (2015) - Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Sciences
  • Abby Hemmerich (2017) - Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Timothy Vaughan (2016), Associate Dean, College of Business
  • Vacant (2017), College of Business
  • Jodi Thesing-Ritter (2015), Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  • Leslie Huntington (2016), Athletics, Student Affairs
  • Lynn Wilson (2017), Counseling Services, Student Affairs
  • Mary Hoffman (2017), Professor, Department of Communication and Journalism
  • Rose Battalio (2015), Professor, Department of Special Education
  • John Pollitz (2016), Director, Library

The committee consists of fifteen members, including the Director of Assessment who shall serve as chair of the committee. Two members from each of the four colleges shall be appointed by the respective Dean of the college; three members shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs; and three members shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Each year approximately one-third of the committee will be appointed by the Deans and Vice Chancellors in consultation with the University Senate Executive Committee to serve three-year terms.

Function of the Committee:

  1. Assist departments and academic and support programs to develop and improve plans for assessing student learning;
  2. Annually collect and review assessment reports from departments and academic and support programs and provide feedback.
  3. Prepare an Annual Report for Academic Affairs and the University Senate that includes a summary of assessment activities conducted throughout the university;
  4. Develop, implement, and evaluate the results of institutional level assessment activities in collaboration with Institutional Research (exit interviews, standardized exams, surveys, etc.);
  5. Prepare reports on student learning at UW-Eau Claire for UW-System's VSA program;
  6. Annually review the effectiveness of plans and practices for assessing student learning at the University, department, and program levels;
  7. Develop and propose to the University Senate policies and procedures related to the assessment of student learning at UW-Eau Claire for approval;
  8. Help implement approved policies and procedures related to the assessment of student learning at UW-Eau Claire;
  9. Assist with other initiatives involved in the assessment of student learning as requested by the Provost, University Senate, or other stakeholders, as necessary; and
  10. Advise the Director of Assessment in performance of the duties of the position.