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Advisory Committee on Accessibility Issues for Persons with Disabilities

Membership 2015-2016

  • Vicky Thomas, Advisory Committee Chair and Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Diane Marcyjanik (2016), Clinical Instructor, Department of Nursing
  • April Pierson (2016), Learning Technology Consultant, Learning and Technology Services
  • Kia Lee (2017), Student Services Coordinator, Admissions
  • Ricardo Gonzales (2015), Director of Facilities Planning
  • Peter Rejto (2015), Assistant Director for Budget and Physical Plant Operations, Housing and Residence Life
  • Miranda Cross-Schindler (2017), Military Education Benefits Coordinator, Records and Registration
  • Tyler Clausen, Student Representative
  • Michael Wangard, Student Representative
  • Catherine Schemenauer, Student Representative
  • Laura Manydeeds, ADA Coordinator Designee, Human Resources (ex-officio) 
  • John Baltes, Director of Loss Prevention and Safety (ex-officio)


  • To provide information and make recommendations related to the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities.
  • To make recommendations on implementation of UW System Policy on Students with Disabilities, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


  1. One faculty.
  2. One academic staff.
  3. Director of Services for Students with Disabilities.
  4. Representative from Admissions Office.
  5. Representative from Facilities Management Office.
  6. Representative from Housing and Residence Life.
  7. Representative from Registrar's Office.
  8. Two students.
  9. Ex-officio:
    • ADA Coordinator
    • Director of Loss Prevention and Safety

Chair: Director of Services for Students with Disabilities
Term: Three years, rotating