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Tutoring Tips for the First Session

1. Share your expectations about the tutoring relationship with the tutee.

  • What do you expect from them?
  • Find out what they expect from you. Is it realistic?

2. Spend time getting to know the tutee by discussing mutual interests, background, etc. Get to know him/her by name.

3. Discuss ASC procedures:

  • Absences
  • Messages
  • Intake

4. Go over the yellow intake sheet for completeness. Discuss interview sheet questions and together decide on tutoring objectives. Discuss the diagnostic tools (if any) in the student file.

5. Begin with the materials that will build confidence and provide an atmosphere of success.

6. At the end of the session:

  • Remind the student you will see him/her the next week at the same time/place.
  • Give the student an idea of what you would like to work on at the next session and what he/she should bring or have prepared.
  • Record on the blue lesson plan sheet what you did.
  • Plan the next lesson and write it on the lesson plan sheet.

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