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Major Requirements

Student is required to take 36 semester credits, including



AIS 101 - Introduction to American Indian History & Cultures (3 credits)
AIS 102 - Introduction to American Indian Expressive Cultures  (3 credits)
AIS 444 - Theory and Methodologies in American Indian Studies (3 credits)
AIS 480 - Capstone Course (3 credits)    

24 ELECTIVE CREDITS to be selected from the following CORE COURSES:

AIS 111 - Studies in American Indian Languages I
AIS 112 - Studies in American Indian Languages II
AIS 142 - Introduction to American Indian Literature AIS 161 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
AIS 240 - American Indian History

AIS 242 - The American Indian in Literature and Film
AIS 250 - American Indian Politics
AIS 291 - Special Topics
AIS 314 - Ojibwe Language Camps
AIS 322 - Native Geographies AIS 324 - Native Art of the Americas
AIS 325 - North American Indians

AIS 330 - Indigenous Religions of the Americas
AIS 335 - Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico &  Central America
AIS 337 - Art of Tawantinsuyo
AIS 345 - American Indian Autobiography
AIS 346 - Major Works in American Indian Literature
AIS 368 - Studies in American Indian History
AIS 369 - Wisconsin Indian History
AIS 374 - Ojibwe Women, Eco-feminist, and Botanical Knowledge

AIS 395 - Directed Studies
AIS 399 - Independent Studies
AIS 491 - Special Topics
AIS 498 - Internship
AIS 499 - Independent Study Seminars and special topic courses dealing with American Indians will also be given consideration for credit.

Students should consult the following program adviser to plan a schedule of
classes and to receive information on new courses and updates in program

"More than anything else, the AIS program provided me with an amazing support system.  No matter the direction I decided to take my research, I always had friends and professors supporting me and helping any way they could" 


-Jenna Vater, currently teaching at Montana State

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