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World Flute Society Convention 2014

July 16-20, 2014

A musical and cultural exploration of world flutes, including the Native American flute, featuring award-winning performing artists.  Including,

  • Mary Youngblood, The First Lady of the Native American Flute; Two-Time Grammy Award Winner
  • Kevin Locke, The Traditional Flute voice of Indigenous America
  • Bryan Akipa, Northern Plains Indian Flutist and Flute Maker
  • Mithril, Celtic Music Unleashed!
  • Kalapana Kollars, Native Hawaiian Nose Flutist
  • Michael Graham Allen, Coyote Oldman
  • Hovia Edwards, Nammy Nominated Shoshone/Okanogan--Similkameen Flutist
  • Frank "Anakwad" Montano, Ojibwe-Red Cliff Band