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The Univerisity of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has a long history of Forensics history and success. From coaches, to award-winning students, to community support, the UWEC Forensics team wants to aknowledge all the individuals who helped to pave the way.

32 years in a row, Wisconsin State Champions!

A Team That Speaks Together
Stays Together!

Silly 2015-16 Senior Selfies are Spectacular!

The Legacy Lives On...

AFA Trophies

The UW- Eau Claire Forensics Team's AFA-NIET National Trophies from the past decade.

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's Forensics Team is a time consisting of a long and exciting history. Since the team's inception in 1944, the UW-Eau Claire's Forensics team is one of the longest running Forensics programs in the nation. Every year, the team grows and the legacy lives on.

The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's Forensics team has won the Wisconsin State Championship each of the past 20 years. Since 2000 have had more than 50 individual state champions. With the State Tournament brings the annual bid to IOC, the Interstate Oratory Contest, where the top two winners in Persuasion at the state tournament go on to IOC – Persuasion Nationals. IOC is the oldest intercollegiate competitive event in existence and each state is only allowed to send two competitors. UWEC has sent at least one competitor from Wisconsin for the last 20 years. Within the past two years alone, the UW-Eau Claire's forensics team sent two of their competitors, each one winning the IOC National Tournament. In 2010, Nick Miller became the first IOC Champion since Aaron Unseth's win in 2001. While just this past year, Patrick Martin took the national title at the 2011 IOC Tournament.

NFA trophies
The UW-Eau Claire's Forensics Team's NFA trophies from the past decade

Aside from just State and IOC, the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire's Forensics Team attends the AFA-NIET and the NFA National Tournaments. While the team holds a strong legacy with IOC and State, the team also continues to bring home national trophies. The team continually places within the top ten at the NFA National Tournament, while usually gracing the top twenty teams at the AFA-NIET.

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