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The Univerisity of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has a long history of Forensics history and success. From coaches, to award-winning students, to community support, the UWEC Forensics team wants to aknowledge all the individuals who helped to pave the way.

32 years in a row, Wisconsin State Champions!

A Team That Speaks Together
Stays Together!

Silly 2015-16 Senior Selfies are Spectacular!

Pillar Award

At UW-Eau Claire, Excellence is our motto and goal. As members within a society and community of excellence, the UW-Eau Claire's Forensics Team works closely with members of the community, whether they are bell-ringing and Christmas time, trick-or-treating for canned goods, or raising money for charities. As much as the Forensics team works to give back to the community, there some members within the community that give back to us. The Pillar Award is the newest of our team awards, designed to honor those people in our community that contribute to the Forensics program with their support, teachings, and contributions. The following are the recipients of the Pillar Award.

2005 - Amy Braun and Arwen Rassmusen

2006 - Ryan Morris

2007 - Dan McNeely

2008 - Sally Webb

2009 - Rebecca Zillmer

2010 - Brian Heller and Larry Schnoor

2011 - Judine Brey and Dr. Mary Hoffman

2012 - Deano Pape

2013 - Judy Gatlin

2014 - David Tschida

2015 - Brandon Buchanon