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The Univerisity of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has a long history of Forensics history and success. From coaches, to award-winning students, to community support, the UWEC Forensics team wants to aknowledge all the individuals who helped to pave the way.

31 years in a row, Wisconsin State Champions!

The 2014-15 Seniors at Bradley University!

Having fun at the Madison Swing Tournament!

Outstanding Novice Award

At UW-Eau Claire, Excellence is our motto and goal. And while all members of the UW-Eau Claire's Forensics team reach different levels of success and excellence throughout their careers, some students, as novice, exceed expectations. The Outstanding Novice Award is an award given to a first-year forensics team member who has gone above and beyond expectations. The following is a list of the annual award recipients for the Outstanding Novice Award.

1993 - Meredith Manners

1994 - Jen Reel

1995 - Nicole Defenbaugh

1996 - Libby Haight

1997 - Stacy Janisch

1998 - Arwen Williams

1999 - Eric Rasmussen

2000 - Ben Schneider

2001 - Brandon Buchanan

2002 - Kelly Bender

2003 - Chris Conklin

2004 - Amy Oldakowski and Christine Zani

2005 - Hilary Rasmussen

2006 - Julie Germain

2007 - BJ Pickard and Eric Plantenberg

2008 - Meghan Pickard

2009 - James Kust

2010 - Jessica Krentz and Abby Rand

2011 - Jarrel Montgomery

2012 - Jake Stendahl

2013 - Jake Wrasse