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The Univerisity of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has a long history of Forensics history and success. From coaches, to award-winning students, to community support, the UWEC Forensics team wants to aknowledge all the individuals who helped to pave the way.

32 years in a row, Wisconsin State Champions!

A Team That Speaks Together
Stays Together!

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Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

At UW-Eau Claire, Excellence is our motto and goal. As an extra-curricular activity, the first and main focus for the members of the Forensics team is academics. While it's easy to get swept away by the commitment and devotion to the Forensics program, students must maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to stay on the Forensics team. However, the members of the UW-Eau Claire's Forensics Team hold a high GPA, and hold a high passion for academics. The Outstanding Academic Achievement award is a pristine award, given to those students on team, who exceed academic expectations. The following are the recipients for the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award.

1996 - Rebecca Carson

1997 - Jen Reel

1998 - Holly Pyrek

1999 - Arwen Dale

2000 - Cate Dunham

2001 - Brian Haapala

2002 - Brian Haapala

2003 - Kelly Bender

2004 - Chris Conklin

2005 - Christine Zani

2006 - Amy Oldakowski

2007 - Julie Germain

2008 - Emily Schreiner

2009 - Meghan Pickard

2010 - Whitney Zahn

2011 - April Ross

20012 - Jessica Krentz

2013 - Sarah Doege

2014 - Jake Wrasse

2015 - Sarah Doege